A Gospel Presentation from Deuteronomy

Have you ever considered sharing the gospel from the Book of Deuteronomy? Being limited to one book of the Bible, especially an Old Testament Books, and further a Book from the Torah (five books of Moses), may provide a challenge. But this seems to be the challenge faced by the early church when they had primarily one scroll to use when it was handed to them in a synagogue.

While the Book of Isaiah may be more familiar for a gospel presentation, following the example of Philip in Acts 8, the Book of Deuteronomy also contains some interesting passages. The following provides an example of using the Book of Deuteronomy to introduce a person to concepts of the Pauline gospel (e.g. 1 Cor 15:1-5):

  • The fact of sin, Deut 25:16; 31:29
  • The provision for atonement, Deut 32:43
  • God’s role in regeneration, Deut 30:6

The person and work of Christ would need to be introduced from Deuteronomy with Scripture such as:

  • On the coming of another prophet like Moses, Deut 18:18
  • On Jesus becoming a curse for mankind on the cross, Deut 21:23
  • On the need for a decision, Deut 30:15

After these foundational principles, God raising up “another nation”—“a foolish nation”—is established in Deut 32:21. In other words, God making Himself known to those who were not descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And God making them into “a nation” they that had “not been a nation.” That is, the church, which includes Gentiles, who came to God with a faith like that of Abraham, that is, by faith in Jesus Christ!

Is it possible to present the gospel from Deuteronomy? Yes, I think it is!


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